February 06, 2008

Newsletter Vol 1: Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Infinite Quest Productions and ZeroGravity Stunts are proud to finally announce the online release of An Act Of Revenge!

Our brief production history includes initial concepts dating back to December 2003, rehearsals and filming that took place from February 2004 through Summer 2006, and nearly 2 and a half years of post production chaos. How difficult could a 17 minute short film be?!

Through the many ups and downs with scheduling, shooting, and editing we are psyched to finally share with those who have been patiently waiting. On behalf of the cast and crew, we would like to express our utmost gratitude for your lasting interest and support. We hope you dig the finished product. Thank you!

Ken Quitugua & Sam Looc



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Download Now (118.3 MB)

An Act Of Revenge (Part 1)
An Act Of Revenge (Part 2)

Please share your thoughts and comments! We'd appreciate all of your feedback. Thanks!


Ken said...

You are living my dream(s). Bravo Zulu and mucho kudos to you, ZG & IQ! "The ripple effect is incidental to the power of The Law Of Attraction." Isn't that just absolutely amazing? I am so, so proud of you, son. Dangulo Na U Guai Ya Hao - Dad

thebabydoll said...

What can I say? I am absolutely speechless...I do know one thing is for sure. The action is REAL!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing with us your hard work and dedication. Love you,
Auntie Ree

Malo said...

Kenneth, I am in awe, you have made me so proud to be your nina. I am glad that you are living your dreams. You are so handsome at the same time a bad ass. I love you and wish you only the best. And keep your feet grounded. God Bless you.....NINA

eileen said...

Wonderful work, Sam, as always!

Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with myself and the world!
God bless:) Learn to give a knowing wink...that silent world of greeting to the knowing! :)

Calvin said...

loving zero gravity so much. watched your vids recently and thought we were same age, but just to find out that these were years ago *title pending 2 and damn 3* you guys are the best and have inspired me to get my ass off the comp screen and go out and exercise more. =)

lan di said...

this short movie is one of the bests action films your choregraphy is just amazing and real i so love it thank you for it and good continuation

lan di said...

sorry i forgot one thing what about a dvd? or an other format of this fabulous short action film che che dsa djen

Amahrugati said...
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Amahrugati said...

Lol! Oh my Gosh, you guys are freak'n amazing. Been loving your stuff since the get go and it just keeps getting better and better. I study martial arts and majored in production. Stating that to say: Things that make me cringe the most when it comes to martial arts productions are 1. Films with great stories but crappy fight sequences. And 2. Great coreography but gawdawful crappy stories. You guys manage to capture both well; very well in fact. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing great things from you all in the future. See you at the top!

Michael said...

I've been following you all for a long time now and your success is inspirational to my own dreams of film and martial arts. Great job. I hope to see you on set one day.

Anonymous said...

What else can I say that has not been said before?

You guys rock! I saw the original Damn years ago when I was at Uni and it is only very recently since I took up TKD and Thai Boxing have I found the rest of your stuff.

Hopefully see you guys on the big screen sometime.

Live your dream don't dream your life!

PS Hope you don't mind but I have linked to your site from my blog to show my mates some of your stuff.

Makken Skeyes said...

Hey, guys, I've got a problem. The 118 MB .mov video seems to be unavailable. Is there any problem with that?

Lee Golden said...


Lee Golden said...